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Digital transformation –
towards sustainable food value chains in Eurasia

IAMO Forum 2020 | 24 - 26 June 2020 | Online conference

Digital innovations are seen as a major driver behind food economy growth in the future, not only in the EU but all over Eurasia. It is widely expected that the use of digital technologies will fundamentally change the conditions of development and the behavioral patterns of economic agents, bringing new business models and market structures, restoring competitive conditions and strengthening global agri-food chains.

Against this backdrop, IAMO Forum 2020 is setting up a dialogue among researchers and stakeholders from business, politics, and society to discuss economic, social, environmental, and institutional aspects of the digital transformation of food value chains.

The following questions with a geographical focus on Europe, Central Asia and China will be discussed at the IAMO Forum 2020:

  • What are the impacts of digital technologies on different segments of agri-food value chains?
  • How are the benefits of digital technologies distributed among producers, consumers, and the agri-business?
  • How to deal with potential risks of digitalization?
  • How to meet the digital needs of producers, traders, and consumers and to boost trust into new technologies?
  • How can digitalization contribute to improving sustainability of food systems?
  • What are the prerequisites for a successful digital transformation?
  • What is the role of policies in realizing the potential of digitalization?
  • How can digital tools and methods be used for agricultural and applied research?

To address these issues, both quantitative and qualitative contributions from agricultural and food economics, economics, sociology, geography, and related disciplines are welcome. We also invite practitioners to share their experiences with the research community and to benefit from ongoing research.

The conference language will be English. Simultaneous interpretation for Day 3 will be provided (German-English).

In the spirit of the young generation's participation in socially relevant topics, an online kids session (in German) is planned after the panel discussion on the last conference day.

During the conference breaks you have an opportunity to meet partner organizations for networking within the virtual foyer. An overview of the virtual foyer can be found here.