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24 June 2020 - Digital transformation and food economy

Plenary Session 1: Using digital tools in agricultural economics

  • From time series analysis to data based decision making and machine learning - Sarah Hallerberg
  • Digital transformation in food value chain research – how is the toolbox in Agricultural Economics evolving? - Bernhard Brümmer

Organized Session A1: Digital transformation and sustainable agri-food system in China

Parallel Session B1: Innovation adoption

Parallel Session C1: Trade and markets

Parallel Session D1: Institutional framework and policy

Plenary Session 2: Digitalization of food value chains: an overview

Organized Session A2: Digital platforms to forecast and facilitate international markets and trade

Organized Session B2: Sustainable innovation dissemination in smallholder agriculture – Design, implementation and upscaling of a satellite-based drought insurance

Parallel Session C2: Tools and methods 1

  • UAV application in Agriculture: A Case Study of Mapping Rapeseed Damages in Romania - Zhanli Sun
  • Emergence of Digital Technologies in Russian farms - Oane Visser
  • State and prospects of using social networks and models of complex systems based on them in the agricultural industry - Svetlana Maltseva
  • The net climate effect of digitalisation, differentiating between firms and households - Thomas Kopp

    25 June 2020 - Digital solutions for agribusiness

    Organized Session A3: From plowshares to drones? - On the prospects of digitalized agriculture in China

    Parallel Session B3: Digitalisation and ICT for the prevention and control of plant diseases in small holder farming: lessons from Rwanda

    Parallel Session C3: Tools and methods 2

    • Finding traceability granularity influencing factors using rough set method: An empirical analysis on vegetable companies in Tianjin city, China - Jianping Qian
    • Active Fire Detection For Stubble Burning Identification Using Remote Sensing Data - Leonid Shumilo
    • Retirement and the digital age: a study on the online food shopping - Tereza Pilařová
    • Networks and IT infrastructure in farmers’ cooperatives in Ukraine - Roman Bezus

    Parallel Session D3: Productivity and efficiency

    Plenary Session 3: Real-life challenges of digitalization – agribusiness perspective

    Slam Session A4: Trade

    Slam Session B4: Profitability and efficiency

    Slam Session C4: Value chains

    Slam Session D4: Social aspects

    • Attitudes toward Gender-Roles in Kyrgyzstan and Nutritional Outcomes: Latent Profile Analysis - Bekhzod Egamberdiev
    • Fostering Agricultural ICT Teaching in Higher Education in the Partium Region - Zoltan Zakota
    • Long- and short-term effects of field training on farmers’ nitrogen fertilizer reduction: Dose training intensity matter? - Cheng Xiang
    • How Doe Financial Literacy Affect Rural Households’ Consumption: Evidence from Shandong Province, China - Huiling Wang
    • Does Internet use increase the subject and psychological well-beings of rural residents? Evidence from China - Jie Dong

    Organized Session A5: Agricultural Work in Digitalised and Automated Work Environments – Case Studies from German Dairy Farming and Dutch Horticulture

    Parallel Session B5: Consumer behavior and trust

    Parallel session C5: Social and ethical aspects

    • Internet, social networks, and residents' subjective well-being - Empirical Evidence from China Family Panel Studies - Xutao Qu
    • Digital technology and food security in the case of COVID-19 health emergency in China - Junying Lin
    • 3D Bioprinting for sustainable food production - Anton Elemoso
    • Human Decision versus Machines: A Self-Selection Experiment - Johanna Jauernig

    Organized Session A6: Satellite monitoring as a driver of digital transformation for agriculture

    Parallel Session B6: Coordination of food value chain 

    Organized Session C6: Price analysis on agricultural markets

    • Price transmission in the cannabis market in the USA: Identifying the influence of legislation - Barry Goodwin
    • Pass-through of crude oil prices to grain prices in Russia and Ukraine - Stanislav Yugay, 
    • How does political intervention affect wheat price volatility? The case of trade restrictions by Black Sea exporters - Maximilian Heigermoser
    • Why grain merchants will never be so naïve to use minimum variance hedging in daily business: A critical discussion - Sören Prehn
    • Farmers, traders, and processors: buyer market power and double marginalization in Indonesia - Richard J. Sexton

    26 June 2020 - Enabling sustainable digital transformation

    Organized Session B7: Digitalization in the agro-food value chains in the Western Balkan countries: Status, Challenges and Potentials

    Organized Session C7: Vulnerability of the food chain as result of unseen risks of digitalization

    Special Session

    • Ethics in times of corona - Ingo Pies

    Plenary Session 4: Future of digitalization in food value chains

    Kids Session