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What Our Speakers Say

Digital innovations are seen as one of the major drivers behind growth of food economy in the future. In view of the upcoming IAMO Forum 2020 that will be dedicated to digital transformation of the agri-food value chains in Eurasia, IAMO has initiated a series of interviews with the keynote speakers of the Forum.

Wenbin Wu │ Chief Scientist and Division Director, CAAS, China

“Digital transformation of food value chain is complex and system-changing process, which goes beyond technological innovation alone.”

Please read the complete interview here.

Bohdan Kryvitskyi │ Chief Innovation Officer, IMC S.A., Ukraine

“Key driver behind implementing technologies at IMC is efficiency improvement.”

Please read the complete interview here.


Gopinath Munisamy │ Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia, USA

“Important to enable equal access to machine learning methods among stakeholders of agri-food value chains.”

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Matija Zulj │ CEO and Founder, Agrivi, Croatia

“Adopting new technologies along the food chain takes time as stakeholders need to change their behavior and routines.”

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Kateryna Schroeder │ Agricultural Economist, World Bank, USA

“The public sector has a role to play in identifying public goods, policies, and investments to ensure the efficient, equitable and environmentally sustainable distribution of digital dividends of agricultural transformation.”

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